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Who are we?

Fransbergen Trading & Shipping BV is established on the quays of Maasbracht, the Netherlands’ largest inland harbour. Our Belgian subsidiary is established In Hasselt under the name of Fransbergen Belgium N.V. Our unique overall concept in road and water transport has proven a success formula for over twenty years. Freighting in the broadest sense of the word.

The philosophy of Fransbergen Trading & Shipping BV originates in a shipping experience dating from the beginning of the previous century. So, we know what we are talking about.

In an economy that increasingly makes more demands on faster and thought-out logistics, Fransbergen Trading & Shipping B.V. will show you the way. The correct, fastest and cheapest way.

Water transport: price and environmentally conscious transport!

You do not need to be a mathematician to calculate that customized transport by water is an adequate and a price-technically perfect solution for large volumes. Did you know that a “one-way ticket Maastricht-Rotterdam” is eight times cheaper by waterway than by going via the asphalt road? It is obvious that an environmental advantage is another, more than positive, benefit. Thanks to our unique overall concept in road and water transport, we can always reach your doorstep. By means of our years of experience, we always provide an answer with expert advice to your freighting question.

National and international regulations are applied according to the latest standards. Our company is not ISO 9001 certified for nothing!

Fransbergen Trading & Shipping B.V. thinks in terms of solutions, not problems!

Our extensive fleet meets every demand.

Our extensive equipment guarantees a transport option that is tailored to your question. You have the choice! In addition to our own 11 pushed barges and 10 pusher crafts, plus the use of a number of rental boats and barges, Fransbergen Trading & Shipping B.V. has modern crane technology that makes transhipment as easy as pie. Cargo ships, suitable for bulk, container and general cargo transportation, make our fleet complete. Carefully selected and trained personnel ensure that our business philosophy makes you a satisfied customer.